Diabetes GONE ~ Thank You!

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A story from Evelyn:

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I started with oral medication and it only got worse after two years. I was insulin dependent (self-injection). The doctors informed me that because I had Diabetes I was also at higher risk of a heart attack and so he decided to put me on cholesterol medication. I began to gain weight and feel miserable.

Then my husband was diagnosed with a rare disease which only drove my stress level higher and my eating habits as well as my rest restless syndrome worse. My arms would fall asleep in the middle of the night and I would wake up with a headache and experience neck pain daily.

I developed circulatory issues along with my blood sugar levels fluctuating from 200-350.

When my husband passed away in Jan 2010, I decided that I needed and wanted to live a long healthy life for my son and for work God had planned for my life. I began to look for holistic doctors and really could not find anything that really moved my heart. One day on the way home from work listening to the radio, I heard the Simply Healthy Doctors and decided to research their website. I found what I was looking for and immediately put my faith to work and contacted their office.

I started the recommended nutrition program; the doctors informed me that I would initially experience fatigue on my new diet, especially since I was doing it without carbohydrates. Sure enough, on the 4th day it was draining me, but by the 5th day I was feeling good.

Interestingly enough, I forgot to inject my insulin that day, so I checked my blood sugar at work and it was normal at 84. From that day forward I decided not to inject my insulin. I have regained my energy and the pain in my body, as well as my allergies have ceased.

I am excited and thankful to God to be eating better, exercising wisely and getting my adjustments.

Thank you,


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