The Power Is On ~ Thank You Dr. Rob!

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Before receiving chiropractic care at Simply Healthy Wellness Centers I was plagued constantly with headaches, really high blood pressure and despite medication, was constantly tired, had numbness into my right fingers and hand, and pain in my left hip and abdomen. These problems affected my activities of daily living- my circuits were really messed up!

I used to think that chiropractors were doctors who specialized in giving injections to individuals who were experiencing chronic joint pain. After attending the new patient orientation at Simply Healthy Wellness Centers, I was totally blown away with the level of knowledge and expertise of the doctors and staff. The level of trust I felt was profound from the first time I spoke with the doctors, and I was ready to entrust my care to them.

My health has improved tremendously! I have not had any headaches, soreness, or stress-related tension in my shoulders, no stomach or hip pain, and the numbness in my fingers has decreased by about 90%. I am now more energized at work, my blood pressure is trending down, and I feel like a new person. The interference in the circuit breaker is removed and “THE POWER IS ON!”

Chiropractic care is the experience of God’s laws of love, health and healing. It is holistic medicine at its best. It is an opportunity to live a long life of health and vitality, obtaining wisdom and the knowledge of health and applying it.

Thank you to the staff of Simply Healthy Wellness Centers for creating the “new me!”

Alana R

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